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Kenn Ricci Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award Introduction

Kenn Ricci Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award from Living Legends of Aviation

Kenn Ricci Induction from Living Legends of Aviation

MarketWatch: How this pilot turned his passion into a $2.5bn business

Flexjet Chairman on the Rising Cost of Jet Fuel

Flexjet Ready to Dump Pilots Union, Chairman Ricci Explains

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Directional Aviation Capital’s Kenn Ricci - Managing Your Portfolio

Kenn Ricci Received Living Legends of Aviation Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law 2016 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Flexjet Goes Head-to-Head With Warren Buffett

Biz Jet Market Soars Again

Nextant Offers Business Jets for Half Normal Cost

Kenn Ricci Chairman of Flight Options on the Success of Flight Options and the Future of Private Aviation

Kenn Ricci, CEO of Nextant Aerospace Performs First 400XT Engine Runup and Taxi

Kenn Ricci Discusses Private Aviation on CNBC WorldWide Exchange

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